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Keeps Your Mailbox Door Closed!


Mailnut Classic
Is your mailbox magnet or catch worn out? The Mailnut™ Original will keep your mailbox door closed, even in stiff winds. Neodymium magnet attaches directly to the door for quick mailbox repair. Choose the Mailnut™ Original if you have a standard size metal mailbox; it works on most brands of mailboxes.


Mailnut 3X
Keeps your extra large, heavy duty, or custom mailbox door closed. A sturdy metal mailbox door catch plate is also included. Choose the Mailnut™ 3X if you have a Whitehall Capitol mailbox with a heavy door plaque or a Gaines Keystone mailbox with wornout springs. The Mailnut™ 3X is also works well on jumbo-sized rural mailboxes.


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